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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
"Doing Economics": A Scaffolded Approach to Active Learning through Writing ECON Prof Sujata VISARIA Experiential Learning 2021/22
Active learning pedagogy in a conservation field trip course OCES Dr Cindy LAM Students as Partners 2021/22
Adaptive Learning in Stochastic Modeling (Math 3425) MATH Prof Kani CHEN eLearning 2015/16
An automated platform for quantitative student assessment ECE Prof S H SONG eLearning 2017/18
An Experiential Extension of IELM2100: a controlled parallel trial IELM Prof Richard SO Experiential Learning 2014/15
An extended controlled parallel study of IELM2100S and IELM2100E with a longitudinal follow-up study of graduates from the IELM2100S/E in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 IELM Prof Richard SO Experiential Learning 2017/18
Application of Building Information Modeling Technology and Blended Learning Technique for Teaching Civil Engineering Drawing CIVL Prof Jack CHENG eLearning 2014/15
Application of Virtual Reality for Animal Dissection Teaching Laboratory: An Innovative Active-Learning Pedagogical Approach LIFS Prof Robert KO, Dr Aftab AMIN AR/VR 2023/24
Augmented Reality (AR) in Physics Demonstrations PHYS Dr Yee Fai NG AR/VR 2023/24
Augmented reality teaching and learning in a laboratory course LIFS Dr Cindy LAM Education Technology 2017/18
Bringing Chemistry to Life in Common Core Chemistry Course CHEM Dr Jason CHAN eLearning 2015/16
Building students’ creativity systematically through an idea incubation course Others Prof Ben Y B CHAN Students as Partners 2021/22
Case teaching and learning for Social Science and Public Policy Education SOSC Prof James WONG Case-based Learning 2017/18
Coastal Environmental Investigation OCES Dr Cindy LAM, Prof Stanley LAU, Dr Elza TSANG Gamification/Game-based Learning 2019/20
Combining gamification and augmented reality to enhance student engagement in aerospace engineering MAE Prof Larry LI AR/VR 2021/22
Community heritage and food process technology project: Oral history, salt production, Hakka food tradition and experiential learning in Yimtintsai Village, Sai Kung HUMA , CBE Prof Marshal LIU, Prof S W CHEUNG Experiential Learning 2015/16
Construction of Engineering Cases for Characterization of Materials’ Chemical Composition, Microstructure, and Morphology MAE Prof Hong TAO Case-based Learning 2019/20
Correleration Analysis Between Teacher's Voice and Students' Facial Expressions for Online and Offline Teaching Feedback ECE Prof Pascale FUNG Artificial Intelligence 2021/22
Creating an App-based Tool to Teach Life Cycle Thinking ENVR Dr Meike SAUERWEIN Gamification/Game-based Learning 2018/19
Creating an Intriguing and Visualisable Learning Experience (CIVL-X) for probability and statistics CIVL Prof Anthony LEUNG Gamification/Game-based Learning 2019/20