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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
Fostering a mindset of diversity that promotes inclusiveness, collegiality, and respect - Enhancing students’ intercultural learning experiences and competence CLE Melissa MEGAN Community of Practice 2022/23
Enhancing Students’ VR Job Interview Practice Experience through Oculus Software for Business Students and Beyond CLE Kasina WONG AR/VR 2022/23
Experiential Digital Learning in the Extended Curriculum CLE Levi LAM, Mark MELICAN Experiential Learning 2022/23
Correleration Analysis Between Teacher's Voice and Students' Facial Expressions for Online and Offline Teaching Feedback ECE Pascal FUNG Artificial Intelligence 2021/22
Online interactive mechanical design playground and gallery MAE Molong DUAN AR/VR 2021/22
Interactive multi-source transport data platform for learning smart transport planning and management CIVL Sisi JIAN Education Technology 2021/22
Combining gamification and augmented reality to enhance student engagement in aerospace engineering MAE Prof Larry LI AR/VR 2021/22
"Doing Economics": A Scaffolded Approach to Active Learning through Writing ECON Sujata VISARIA Experiential Learning 2021/22
Psychology’s Case Studies in Hong Kong SOSC Michelle YIK Case-based Learning 2021/22
Normative Case Teaching through Role Playing and Blended Learning - Ethics, Emerging Technologies, and Public Policy SOSC Prof James WONG Case-based Learning 2021/22
Into "cultures and values": Independent research on language, culture and society HUMA Cathy PAN Experiential Learning 2021/22
Active learning pedagogy in a conservation field trip course OCES Dr Cindy LAM Students as Partners 2021/22
Ripples Fellowship DSTO Beatrice WONG, Eva SHEK Students as Partners 2021/22
Building students’ creativity systematically through an idea incubation course Others Ben Y B CHAN Students as Partners 2021/22
Interactive tool for designing a sustainable lifestyle CIVL , ENVR Eun Soon IM, Meike SAUERWEIN Education Technology 2020/21