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Our Strategic Alliances


Digital Education Council

HKUST is proud to be a founding member of the Digital Education Council (DEC), a global alliance initiated by over a dozen high-profile universities from around the world with a shared vision to drive sustainable innovation and AI adoption in higher education and workforce development.

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Our Commitment to Innovation

As a member of the DEC, HKUST is at the forefront of exploring and implementing cutting-edge technologies and pedagogical approaches that promise to transform the landscape of education and skill development. We are committed to leveraging this partnership to enhance our educational offerings and prepare our students for future challenges and opportunities.

Executive Briefings: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Through our membership, we gain access to DEC Executive Briefings, a monthly guide to global trends in higher education and the future of work and skills. These briefings provide valuable insights into technological advancements, new pedagogical models, and startup innovations. They blend expert analysis with data-driven research, offering practical tools to drive digital transformation at our institution.

Collaborative Thematic Working Groups

We are actively involved in the DEC's Thematic Working Groups, a global platform for collaborative discussions designed to foster knowledge sharing between education leaders. These groups aim to establish new best practices and drive innovation in the industry, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of educational development. The first Thematic Working Group is on Artificial Intelligence and will be led by HKUST. Other possible future working groups include Digital & Online Learning, University Leadership, ESG & Sustainability, Skills and Credentials.

For more information about the DEC, please visit here.

HKUST colleagues can access the DEC Executive Briefings here.