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Assessment Design


Faculty members have raised concerns about integrating AI tools, such as ChatGPT, into assessment activities and identifying student-generated, machine-generated, or student/machine-generated content. However, CEI believes that solely relying on AI detection tools to detect AI-generated content in students’ output is not the best solution, as technology advances quickly and AI detection tools often lag the advancement of Generative AI. Instead of focusing all efforts on finding a bulletproof AI detection tool, we recommend that you shift your focus to reviewing your assessment design.

As you review your assessment design, a better question to ask is whether students should be allowed to use generative AI tools in assessment. To help address this question, we have developed an interactive flowchart that provides a framework to help you plan effectively. The flowchart splits into two paths: one explores the pedagogical impact and appropriate use of AI tools, while the other offers a range of traditional assessment techniques. The flowchart aims to provide guidelines for the successful integration of AI tools, including equitable access, ethical issues, transparency in communications, critical thinking, and AI literacy.

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