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MOOC Platforms


HKUST has established partnerships with two leading MOOC platforms - Coursera and edX. These platforms provide a convenient way for instructors to create and deliver online courses, while also enabling learners from all over the world to access higher education.

A complete list of MOOCs developed by HKUST faculty members

While both platforms offer similar features, the choice between them ultimately depends on the specific needs of your course, your preference in managing the administrative side of the platform, and the prevalence of MOOCs in your department on each platform.

To help you make an informed decision, here are some key details and features of each platform. If you want to get a better idea of the learning experience on each platform and these features from a learner's perspective, you can enroll in a course on Coursera or edX.

Our partnership with Coursera not only provides a platform for the University and faculty members to reach learners outside of Hong Kong, but it also offers benefits to the wider HKUST community through the following programs. HKUSTers can earn certificates for free upon completion of courses in these programs.

Program What is it? For whom?

Coursera for HKUST

This exclusive MOOC portal offers online courses and specialization series developed by our very own faculty members.

HKUST students, staff and alumni

Coursera Partner Consortium

This portal has thousands of online courses, specialization series, and guided projects from Coursera’s top partner universities, like Yale and Duke, worldwide. The course catalog is curated by Coursera.

Current HKUST students and staff

Learn more on how to sign up the programs