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EDGE-AI Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
An AI Agent Learning Assistant MATH Prof Kani CHEN Virtual Teaching Assistant 2024/25
Are AI Users Cutting-Edge Innovators or Incompetent Slackers? Image Concerns in the Use and Adoption of Generative AI MGMT Prof T Bradford BITTERLY, Prof David HAGMANN Assessment and Feedback 2023/24
Balancing the Scales: Evaluating the Impact of ChatGPT on Critical Thinking and Originality in Business Education ISOM , ECON , PPOL Prof Yanzhen CHEN, Prof Yatang LIN Course Design 2023/24
Case Teaching and Learning in the Age of Generative AI PPOL Prof James WONG Course Design 2023/24
Developing a T&L module for AI-assisted Design Thinking ISD Mr Erwin HUANG, Dr Jac LEUNG Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023/24
e-Socrates: A generative AI Q&A platform for active learning MAE Prof David LAM, Dr Stanley Y Y LEUNG Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023/24
Elevating Physics Education: Integrating Generative AI for Enhanced Learning in Physics and Quantum PHYS Prof Bei ZENG Course Design 2023/24
Enhancing Data Science Education for Engineering Students using Generative AI Tools: Interactive Platforms and Active Learning CBE Prof Hanyu GAO Course Design 2023/24
Generative AI Co-Pilot: the Virtual Teaching Assistant and Peer to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience and Outcomes CIVL Prof Jize ZHANG, Prof Tim K T TSE Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023/24
HKUST-AITA program: Leveraging Al to Revolutionize Teaching & Learning at HKUST ENVR Prof Zhi NING Virtual Teaching Assistant 2024/25
Incorporating AI Tools for Music and Video Generation and America’s Got Talent-style Peer Feedback in the courses Creative Sound Design and Computer Music CSE Prof Andrew HORNER Course Design, Assessment and Feedback 2023/24
Integrating AI Technology to Enhance Digital Design Education: Developing and Implementing AI-Assisted Tools and Platforms for CAD and Graphics Design ISD Prof Sai Kit YEUNG Course Design, Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023/24
Interactive Teaching and Active Learning Through ChatGPT IEDA Prof Xuan QIU Course Design 2023/24
Paradigm Shift in Higher Education: Achieving and Assessing Intended Learning Outcomes through the Critical Evaluation of the Learning Process using Generative AI Tools for Effective Communication MAE Prof Robin MA, Dr Jean WANG Assessment and Feedback 2023/24
Rising to the Challenge of GenAI: Redesigning English and Chinese undergraduate writing curricula by embracing GenAI CLE Ms Delian GASKELL, Ms Jessi LAM Assessment and Feedback 2023/24
Solving Problems with generative AI as your Wingman MGMT Prof Stephen NASON, Prof T Bradford BITTERLY Course Design 2024/25