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Generative AI & Education

Since the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022, the world of generative AI has been rapidly changing, and its impact on education is debatable. To help faculty catch up on this topic and understand how HKUST is reacting to it, CEI has compiled a list of relevant information and resources. We will continue to update this list, so please check back regularly.

Generative AI and Education

CEI Podcast - EnLITe

CEI brought to you our new podcast EnLITe: Education Leadership and Innovative Teaching. Our vision is to advance education innovation in every HKUST course, giving our students a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in the ever-changing world. With EnLITe, we aim to showcase innovative teaching practices and provide a platform for our faculty members to share teaching innovations and insights.


Virtual Teaching & Learning Resource Hub

We understand Instructors might need some help adapting to the online and later hybrid teaching approach. CEI has been hosting Virtual Teaching and Learning workshops, and you can find some tips and tricks that we have summarized from the workshops here.

virtual teaching

Adopting Online Teaching & Learning

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, HKUST adopted Real-time Online (RTO) teaching for classes since Spring 2019/2020. Below are training resources, good practices and guidelines to help you deliver your teaching in Zoom and assess your students using online exams in Canvas.

Adopting Online Teaching and Learning

Mixed-mode Teaching

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, HKUST adopted Real-time Online (RTO) teaching for classes since Spring 2019/2020. As the situation improves, HKUST has decided to switch to some form of Mixed-mode Teaching (MMT) for most classes starting Fall 2020. Training resources, facilitation tips, and set-up guidelines are included below to help you deliver Mixed-mode Teaching (MMT).

mixed-mode teaching

Coursera for HKUST

Our MOOC partner, Coursera, is offering USTers free access to two of their programs. You can get full access to courses in the program catalogs, interact with other students from all over the world and earn a free certificate upon course completion.

coursera for hkust

Assessment for Learning

Assessment is an intrinsic part of students’ learning process. From the student point of view, assessment defines the actual curriculum. It directs attention to what is important; acts as an incentive for study, and steers student’s learning behavior.

Assessment for Learning

What is Blended Learning?

The Blended Learning (BL) approach has been used extensively in higher education for a number of years. With advancements in computer technologies, students now have new ways to access and interact with knowledge and people. However, new information and communication technologies on their own do not transform into good learning experiences. Good pedagogy and well-designed courses do.

what is blended learning

Learner-Centered Course Design


The term learner-centered is akin to “user-centered” focus of a product. If a course is designed in a learner-centered way, it means extensive attention has been given to the needs, interest and skills of our learners when we design our course. As oppose to content-centered course design, where teacher usually works up a list of topic and decides how much time to spend on each, the heart of learner-centered approach is to decide first what students can and should learn in relation to this course, then how to assess students’ performance and figured out how such learning can be facilitated. By shifting from content-centered to learner-centered, instructional design becomes learning experience design.