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Guidelines and Policies


Policy for GenAI Integration in Teaching and Learning

Given the evolving landscape of GenAI tools, HKUST allows faculty members the flexibility to set their own course-level policies. Faculty members are required to communicate the chosen policy option to students in writing for courses offered in Fall 2023-24.

This policy was formulated in consultation with faculty members and students from both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our aim is to provide a student-friendly, adaptable framework in light of the rapidly evolving AI technologies.

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Guidelines from CEI

CEI has also created a document to guide university administrators and faculty members on the concepts and potential applications of Generative AI in Higher Education. The document offers suggestions on implementing AI tools in teaching and learning and identifies areas of concern such as academic integrity, equity, ethics, and fair use. While this guideline cannot cover everything, it highlights relevant topics that educators need to consider.

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Guidance from External Sources

Sean Hughes, the Academic Program Manager of Minerva Project, has also created a comprehensive and useful resource on the impact of Generative AI on Higher Education. The document provides guidance for academic leadership, faculty, and students on the different roles they need to consider in implementing Generative AI in Higher Education.

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