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Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects (TLIP)

With the University’s goal of achieving effective learning by enhancing students’ motivation and active engagement through a variety of active learning pedagogies, the fundamental aim of the Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects (TLIP) is to encourage faculty and teaching staff to initiate and experiment innovative ideas in their teaching.

Objective of TLIP

We at the CEI are committed to supporting advancements in innovative and teaching learning practices at HKUST. Through Teaching and Learning Innovation Projects (TLIP), we offer funding and project support for ambitious initiatives that seek to adopt novel approaches that enhance student learning, faculty development, and the educational landscape at HKUST. With TLIP, we hope to empower instructors to creatively advance pedagogy using cutting-edge tools and educational advancements. We therefore take particular interest in supporting projects which foster actively learning through emerging pedagogies such as:

Funded Projects

The CEI funds projects that explore innovative educational practices across different disciplines and faculties. This year, we have supported projects that investigate how to incorporate emerging pedagogical tools such as gamification, AR and VR, and experiential learning into teaching and learning at HKUST. Learn more about these projects and our past projects to understand CEI’s commitment to supporting innovative educational practices