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Access to Gen AI Tools


To ensure equitable access, including addressing geographical limitations and access to paid versus open-source tools, the university has been providing a protected ChatGPT service since June 2023 to all staff and students.

The HKUST ChatGPT (Require HKUST login) offered by ITSC is developed using Azure OpenAI services and conforms to HKUST data security requirements. Your chat data, including your input and the generated content, is encrypted and securely stored by the university.

While using free services such as Microsoft Bing Chat and Poe on the internet is also an option, it is important to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential security risks associated with these tools. It is strongly recommended that you NOT post any data that raises privacy concerns when using these free services.

We will curate and create resources related to this topic on an ongoing basis. Please check back regularly for updates.

ChatGPT Apps Comparison DIY Chatbot by POE

For information on the general adoption of ChatGPT for office productivity, enterprise applications, and research, please refer to the ITSC webpage.