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2019 T&L Symposium - Redesigning Higher Education BEYOND BOUNDARIES

2019 T&L Symposium - Redesigning Higher Education BEYOND BOUNDARIES
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About the Symposium

With the exponential advancement of technology, the world is evolving at lightning speed that it has never experienced before, steering us towards the industrial revolution 4.0 driven by artificial intelligent, big data, robotics, and Internet of Things. The use of cyberphysical systems and the force of super connectivity of people combine to revolutionize the way we live, work, and relate to one another. The scale, scope and complexity of change is so unpredictable that it is disrupting the landscape of every industry, making jobs of the future unforeseeable.

As Industry 4.0 is making the future of work and life more multifaceted and intertwined, it is vital for higher education to answer to the needs of future work and cultivate students with meta-cognitive competencies and multi-disciplinary knowledge, such that they can maneuver in the unpredictable future. What kind of learning is required for 21st Century?Is the current higher education model and structure sufficient to develop the necessary knowledge and competence in students? How can higher education be redesigned to better prepare graduates to be the future-ready workforce?

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Date: 30 MAY 2019 (THU)
Venue: LT-K 2/F Academic Building, HKUST

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