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2018 T&L Symposium - Discovering New Teaching Approaches in Higher Education

2018 T&L Symposium - Discovering New Teaching Approaches in Higher Education
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With the frenetic pace of change in the ever-dynamic world, the gap between what is sought after in the real world and what education provides is widening notably in recent years. Today’s graduates will enter jobs that not yet exist, using technology that has not been invented, to solve complex problems that we have not solved before. In order to cope with these radical changes, many institutions around the globe have started to question what kind of undergraduate learning experience is necessary to empower students for the real world that they will face when they enter the workplace. Coupled with technological advancement, many also believe that higher education will be disrupted and will continue to change in the foreseeable future.

This one-day symposium will take a look at the innovative learning pedagogies that are in practice now to equip students with the required skills and envision the roles and models of higher education in the next 20 years. The morning sessions give emphasis to the current practice, suggest doable ways to create an active learning environment, and highlight exemplar courses that have adopted innovative teaching methods. In the afternoon sessions, a parade of unconventional programs on offer that show traces of disruption to higher education will be presented to inspire ideas for the future models of Hong Kong’s higher education.

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Date: 11 MAY 2018 (THU)
Venue: LT-J 1/F Academic Building, HKUST

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