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Generative AI has created unprecedented potential and challenges for the teaching and learning landscape. There is a pressing need to better understand the impact of GenAI on our learners and how it can be harnessed effectively for active learning. The Education Generative AI (EDGE-AI) Fund, launched in Spring of 2023, seeks to support academics dedicated to informing and shaping the best practices for GenAI in higher education.

Objective of EDGE-AI Funded Projects

The fundamental objectives of the EDGE-AI Fund are to encourage faculty and teaching staff to:

  1. initiate and experiment innovative ideas in their teaching with generative AI tools
  2. promote innovation in curriculum design that creates new and engaging learning experiences
  3. develop new assessment methods that leverage on the affordances of generative AI
  4. facilitate professional development and knowledge transfer

Funded Projects

The CEI has supported a wide range of innovative projects, each exploring and developing best practices for GenAI in higher education. Funded projects cover an array of applications including developing new teaching tools, establishing ways to integrate AI into current subjects and courses, and critically researching the potential impacts GenAI has on learning.

Learn more about these projects and gain insight into CEI’s commitment to effective teaching and learning practices.