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We are pleased to announce that HKUST has established an Enterprise License with Mentimeter to provide you with a mechanism to enhance face-to-face and online class interaction, performance and evaluation of students.

Here is a user guide to help you get acquainted with Mentimeter and be inspired to incorporate interactive presentations in your instruction.

Mentimeter is an online interactive presentation builder tool. You can create live polls, word clouds, quiz competitions, and survey forms within your presentation. In addition, you can pause at any point of your instruction to check in, focus or reinforce some information needed for better retention and quality learning.

Mentimeter Question Types

With Mentimeter, you can enhance active learning, participation, and two-way communication with your students. Furthermore, some research proved the benefits of Mentimeter to improve teaching and learning, particularly:

  Effective classroom management
  Increased student focus and participation
  High knowledge retention and performance
  Collaborative learning & inclusion

Sign up for the HKUST Enterprise account by following the steps below. You will be directed to the Single Sign-On (SSO) page.

  • Tips  For existing accounts using the or email, you will be prompted to link your account to HKUST’s Enterprise account.
  • Tips  For existing accounts using personal email (any paid plan), please modify your account settings by changing your email to or before joining the Enterprise License.
  1. Click to join the HKUST Mentimeter subscription.
  2. Key in HKUST as your organisation’s name if asked.
  3. Sign in with your HKUST authentication to proceed.

First-time users will receive a confirmation email. Please click confirm and connect your ITSC account to HKUST’s subscription. On the other hand, existing users may connect to the University’s subscription.

  • Tips  Any existing paid account will need to be cancelled before you can activate your Enterprise account with HKUST. Contact CEI through or call 2358-8036 if you have any questions on this.

Tips Click to know more about the Enterprise plan and its features compared to other Mentimeter plans.

Click on the icons below to watch some video tutorials and kick-start your next presentation.


Mentimeter provides opportunities to boost student learning and engagement during instruction. Looking at Robert Gagne's nine events of instruction, Mentimeter activities can enhance each event to improve student learning and performance.

  Teachers and students can have effective two-way communication.
  Learning from peers clarifies misconceptions and creates a more positive and uplifting attitude and behaviour.
  Teachers can use insights on students’ feedback, knowledge gaps, and needs to tailor and improve instruction.
  Anonymous participation encourages equal opportunity to participate, ask and voice concerns in a safe environment.
  Polls, questions or quizzes can help teachers set expectations, gain student attention, and focus on critical points during the instruction. Interactive activities can trigger class discussions, removing traditional lectures' communication barriers.
  Icebreakers stimulate a fun learning environment, creating pauses during long lectures.
  Quiz competition stirs up a highly motivating and energizing atmosphere.

Click to read about some educational research about the impact of Mentimeter to improve the classroom experience.

Here are some slide samples used to engage students.

Click to know more about the different question types you can use to make your lectures more engaging and inclusive.

Learn more from other Mentimeter users and find answers to some commonly asked questions (FAQs) regarding the usage, features, setting and more.

Click to go to the Mentimeter FAQ page.

What additional resources can I use to advance my skills on Mentimeter? Mentimeter team produces various resources to help the users advance their skills and keep them updated.

If you have any enquiries or need technical support, please contact us at or 2358-8036.