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Visit from Professor Mick Healey

Visit from Professor Mick Healey
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We are delighted that Professor Mick Healey from the UK has revisited HKUST to give two workshops on 14 December 2018. He last visited the University for a week in 2011.

Workshop 1: Embedding active learning and research and inquiry-based learning in courses (9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)

In this interactive session, the presenter has explored with participants the meaning of the concepts of active, research and inquiry learning and discusses a range of ways in which they may lead to greater student engagement. Particular attention was paid to embedding active and inquiry based activities into courses. The argument of this workshop was that we need to see our students as producers not just consumers of knowledge, in which the students are engaged in undertaking research and inquiry and producing new knowledge for themselves and, in many cases, contributing to new knowledge for society. The session has be illustrated with numerous examples of active learning practices and mini-case studies of research and inquiry-based learning practices particularly from research-intensive institutions around the world.

Workshop 2: Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching in Higher Education (2:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

Ways of engaging students in higher education as partners in learning and teaching is arguably one of the most important issues facing higher education in the 21st Century. Partnership is essentially a process for engaging students, though not all engagement involves partnership. It is a way of doing things, rather than an outcome in itself. In this interactive session the presenter has explored four ways in which students may be engaged as partners through: a) Learning, teaching and assessment; b) Subject-based research and inquiry; c) Scholarship of teaching and learning; and d) Curriculum design and pedagogic advice and consultancy. Particular attention has be paid to how we may build on and move beyond listening to the student voice and involve students as change agents who can have an impact on the teaching and learning that they and their fellow students experience, through mentoring staff, co-researching teaching and learning, and co-designing the curriculum.


Mick Healey is an Higher Education Consultant and Researcher and Emeritus Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, UK. Until 2010 he was Director of the Centre for Active Learning, a nationally funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  He is currently The Humboldt Distinguished Scholar in Research-Based Learning at McMaster University, Canada. From 2014-17 he was visiting professor at UCL, helping them embed the Connected Curriculum across the institution. He was one of the first people in the UK to be awarded a National Teaching Fellowship and to be made a Principal Fellow of the HE Academy.  In 2015 he received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  Since 1995 he has given over 500 educational presentations in 25 different countries.  Mick has written and edited around 200 papers, chapters, books and guides on various aspects of teaching and learning in HE, including Developing research-based curricula in college-based higher education (Healey M, Jenkins A and Lea J, 2014). He has over 8,000 citations. He was co-editor of the International Journal for Academic Development (2010-13) and is currently Inaugural Senior Editor International Journal for Students as Partners.  He is often asked to act as an advisor to projects, universities and governments on aspects of teaching and learning, including the Canadian Federal Government and the League of European Research Universities. A full list of his reference may be found at

Date: 14 DEC 2018 (FRI)
Venue: Room 6558 (Lift 27-28)
Organized by: Center for Education Innovation (CEI)

Workshop 1:
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Workshop 2:
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