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Unmasking Teaching Excellence: Experience Sharing from Teaching Award Winners

Unmasking Teaching Excellence: Experience Sharing from Teaching Award Winners
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At HKUST, we are honored to have excellent teachers who contribute positively to the learning environment by demonstrating student-centered teaching. This seminar aims to provide a platform for the participants and speakers to start conversations about teaching and exchange views on good teaching practices.

Professor David ROSSITER on engaging students in-class and online

In this seminar Professor David ROSSITER, recipient of the 2017 Michael G Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching, shares and contrasts a variety of approaches he uses for classroom and MOOC teaching. Both his classroom and MOOC courses have been very well received. Over the past 7 years his average SFQ for classroom based teaching is 92%, for 3,800 students over 6 different courses. His MOOC course was taken by 130,000 students, and received an average student appraisal of 93%. In this presentation he will discuss his approaches and thoughts on how to engage the attention and interest of students in both environments.

Dr Jason CHAN on Experiential Learning
What does experiential learning look like in a large science course? How can instructors use experiential learning approach to demonstrate the basic theories and create a motivational effect on students? In this presentation, Dr Jason CHAN, awardee of the 2018 University Grants Committee Teaching Award, will explore the value and challenges in adopting experiential learning pedagogy in science education, and describe some of the ways these challenges are being tackled. He will share his vision and passion for teaching, and demonstrate how to design innovative curriculum, assessment tasks and learning resources to engage and create an unique learning experience for diverse students.


Professor David ROSSITER is an Associate Professor of Engineering Education in the CSE Department at HKUST. He has won 17 teaching related awards at HKUST, including 6 from the Engineering School (with 2 of those given extra recognition as 'Distinguished Teaching'), 5 for teaching at the Master's Degree level, and many others including 2016 Great Minds of UST and 2014 Best Lecturer. This performance culminated in him being the recipient of the Universities' top teaching award, the Michael G Gale Medal, in 2017.

Dr Jason CHAN is the the Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry since 2014. He is the recipient of the 2018 UGC Teaching Award (early career faculty member) and the recipient of the Common Core Teaching Excellence Award 2016. He obtained his BA and MSci degrees at the University of Cambridge, and his PhD degree in Bio-organic Chemistry from the University of St. Andrews in 2014. Passionate in chemistry experiments and teaching, Dr Chan has consistently been receiving positive feedback from students about his lively teaching approach and intriguing demonstrations in class.

Date: 18 OCT 2018 (THU)
Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Venue: Room 6558 (Lift 27-28)
Organized by: Center for Education Innovation (CEI)
Materials: PowerPoint Presentation - Dr Jason Chan PowerPoint Presentation - Prof David Rossiter Video

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