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Explore the Steps to Mixed Mode Teaching | FALL 2022

Explore the Steps to Mixed Mode Teaching | FALL 2022
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Hello to the new Fall semester! We’ve come a long way since the outbreak of COVID-19 and we have shown that we can be agile, and we can adapt.

Moving forward, the University is making effort to resume teaching and learning in-person on campus. However, our ability to deliver courses in Mixed Mode teaching is still crucial in case we need to suddenly switch to this form of delivery.

Mixed Mode teaching is when a teacher is facilitating a live class of online students and in-person students simultaneously. Delivering teaching in this form can help HKUST to resume on-campus teaching and at the same time accommodate students from overseas who are not able to come/return to Hong Kong, or students joining from our GZ campus.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to deliver Mixed Mode teaching, please join us by registering below.

The seminar will cover:

  • What is Mixed Mode Teaching and its delivery modes
  • Course design and activity arrangement
  • Equipment and classroom set-up at the CWB campus
  • Support and resources offered by CEI

All faculty are welcome to join, even if you’re just curious!

Date:12 AUG 2022 (FRI)
Time:11:15 - 12:45
Venue:Online via Zoom
Facilitators: Amy CHONG &Sue HU

The seminar will be facilitated by CEI Instructional Designers Amy Chong and Sue Hu. They have a wide range of experience in online teaching and mixed mode teaching at HKUST. They are part of CEI’s Technology-enhanced Teaching team, which promotes the adoption of instructionally sound technologies in teaching and learning.

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