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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
Application of Virtual Reality for Animal Dissection Teaching Laboratory: An Innovative Active-Learning Pedagogical Approach LIFS Prof Robert KO, Dr Aftab AMIN AR/VR 2023/24
Augmented Reality (AR) in Physics Demonstrations PHYS Dr Yee Fai NG AR/VR 2023/24
Combining gamification and augmented reality to enhance student engagement in aerospace engineering MAE Prof Larry LI AR/VR 2021/22
Development of an augmented-reality wind-tunnel application to enhance student understanding of aerodynamics MAE Prof Larry LI AR/VR 2019/20
Digital Storytelling with VR: A Walk in Kowloon City District HUMA Dr Qiuzi GUO, Mr Birdy CHU AR/VR 2023/24
Enhancing Students’ VR Job Interview Practice Experience through Oculus Software for Business Students and Beyond CLE Ms Kasina WONG AR/VR 2022/23
Fostering a mindset of OpenVerse: An Open-Source Metaverse Platform for Metaverse Education ISD Prof Tristan BRAUD AR/VR, Education Technology 2023/24
Immersive and interactive 3D virtual site visits for civil engineering courses CIVL Prof Thomas HU AR/VR 2020/21
Implementing Virtual Reality Application as a Job Interview Practice Tool for Business Students and Beyond CLE Ms Kasina WONG AR/VR 2020/21
Laser Cutter VR Training System Development ISD , CSE Prof Sai Kit YEUNG AR/VR 2020/21
Online interactive mechanical design playground and gallery MAE Prof Molong DUAN AR/VR 2021/22
Online Reality Labs of Mechanical Engineering MAE Prof Qing CHEN AR/VR 2019/20
Putting Neuroscience in the Classroom SOSC Dr Nicolson SIU, Prof Michelle YIK AR/VR, Gamification/Game-based Learning 2023/24
Virtual Laboratory Module for Online Teaching via Virtual Reality Teaching Approach OCES Prof Frank LAM AR/VR 2020/21
VR-empowered immersive learning for engineering geology education CIVL Prof Gang WANG AR/VR 2017/18