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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
An Experiential Extension of IELM2100: a controlled parallel trial IELM Prof Richard SO Experiential Learning 2014/15
Application of Building Information Modeling Technology and Blended Learning Technique for Teaching Civil Engineering Drawing CIVL Prof Jack CHENG eLearning 2014/15
Enhancing students' self-efficacy through inquiry-based assessment techniques LIFS Prof Karen CHAN Inquiry-based Learning 2014/15
Enhancing the Experiential Aspects of COMP4441 Computer Music CSE Prof Andrew HORNER Experiential Learning 2014/15
Extension of Safety Education to Industrial Chemical Plant Safety by Anlysis of Process and Instrument Diagrams (P and ID) integrated with a HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) Methodology and Industrial Case Studies CBE Prof J P BARFORD eLearning 2014/15
Flipping the Classroom with iPad CSE Dr Kenneth W T LEUNG Flipped Classroom 2014/15
From Ideas to Action: Planning for sustainable CSR MGMT Dr Mary HO Experiential Learning 2014/15
Reinvent CIVL1140 with flipped classrooms and team-based experimental learning CIVL Prof Chii SHANG Flipped Classroom 2014/15
Science Education with Case Method - a pilot project to develop cases in life sciences LIFS Prof King CHOW Experiential Learning 2014/15
Student Research and Writing Advisory Tutorials: a multi-faculty TD Project SOSC , HUMA Prof Barry SAUTMAN, Prof James LEE eLearning 2014/15
Weaving a Knowledge Web with Technology CSE Prof Chii SHANG eLearning 2014/15