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EDGE-AI Funded Projects

Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
Balancing the Scales: Evaluating the Impact of ChatGPT on Critical Thinking and Originality in Business Education  ISOM,
Yanzhen CHEN,
Yatang LIN
Course Design 2023-2024
Are AI Users Cutting-Edge Innovators or Incompetent Slackers? Image Concerns in the Use and Adoption of Generative AI MGMT T Bradford BITTERLY,
Assessment and Feedback 2023-2025
Enhancing Data Science Education for Engineering Students using Generative AI Tools: Interactive Platforms and Active Learning CBE Hanyu GAO Course Design 2023-2024
Generative AI Co-Pilot: the Virtual Teaching Assistant and Peer to Enhance Students’ Learning Experience and Outcomes CIVL Jize ZHANG,
Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023-2024
Incorporating AI Tools for Music and Video Generation and America’s Got Talent-style Peer Feedback in the courses Creative Sound Design and Computer Music CSE Andrew HORNER Course Design / Assessment and Feedback 2023-2024
Interactive Teaching and Active Learning Through ChatGPT IEDA Xuan QIU Course Design 2023-2025
Developing a T&L module for AI-assisted Design Thinking ISD Erwin HUANG,
Virtual Teaching Assistant 2023-2025
Integrating AI Technology to Enhance Digital Design Education: Developing and Implementing AI-Assisted Tools and Platforms for CAD and Graphics Design ISD Sai Kit YEUNG Course Design /Virtual Teaching Assistant  2023-2025
Paradigm Shift in Higher Education: Achieving and Assessing Intended Learning Outcomes through the Critical Evaluation of the Learning Process using Generative AI Tools for Effective Communication MAE Robin MA,
Assessment and Feedback 2023-2024
e-Socrates: A generative AI Q&A platform for active learning MAE David LAM,
Stanley YUENG
Virtual Teaching Assistant  2023-2025
Rising to the Challenge of GenAI: Redesigning English and Chinese undergraduate writing curricula by embracing GenAI CLE Delian GASKELL,
Jessi LAM
Assessment and Feedback 2023-2024
Case Teaching and Learning in the Age of Generative AI PPOL James WONG,
Course Design 2023-2024
Elevating Physics Education: Integrating Generative AI for Enhanced Learning in Physics and Quantum Technology PHYS Bei ZING Course Design 2023-2024