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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
Adaptive Learning in Stochastic Modeling (Math 3425) MATH Prof Kani CHEN eLearning 2015/16
An automated platform for quantitative student assessment ECE Prof S H SONG eLearning 2017/18
Application of Building Information Modeling Technology and Blended Learning Technique for Teaching Civil Engineering Drawing CIVL Prof Jack CHENG eLearning 2014/15
Bringing Chemistry to Life in Common Core Chemistry Course CHEM Dr Jason CHAN eLearning 2015/16
Creation a web-based learning platform for advanced Chinese Learners CLE Dr Shelia LIANG eLearning 2016/17
Design and Assessment for MOOC and Its Smooth Relocation to Canvas ECE Prof S H SONG eLearning 2015/16
DESR (Data-Enabled Scalable Research) Lab - Incubator of Creative Learners and Hub of Transformation CIVL Prof Y H WANG eLearning 2016/17
Development of Learning Materials to Support the Sustainability Education Initiative at HKUST and Related Assessment Innovation ENVR Prof David MOLE eLearning 2015/16
Extension of Safety Education to Industrial Chemical Plant Safety by Anlysis of Process and Instrument Diagrams (P and ID) integrated with a HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) Methodology and Industrial Case Studies CBE Prof J P BARFORD eLearning 2014/15
Interactive Teaching for Visualizing Microscopic Actions in Semiconductor Devices ECE Prof Mansun CHAN eLearning 2016/17
Learning modules for sustainability education ENVR Prof Davis BOOKHART eLearning 2017/18
Revolutionizing Dynamics Teaching and Learning with Interactive Symbolic Computation Tools CIVL Prof Thomas HU eLearning 2016/17
Scaling up the Entrepreneurship Common Core Course (ENTR1001) ECE Prof Erwin HUANG eLearning 2018/19
Student Research and Writing Advisory Tutorials: a multi-faculty TD Project SOSC , HUMA Prof Barry SAUTMAN, Prof James LEE eLearning 2014/15
Weaving a Knowledge Web with Technology CSE Prof Chii SHANG eLearning 2014/15
Writing across the disciplines: building self-paced online modules for senior undergraduates CLE Dr Claudia WONG eLearning 2015/16