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Funded Projects



Project Name Department Project leader Type of innovation Project year
Adaptive Learning in Stochastic Modeling (Math 3425) MATH Prof Kani CHEN eLearning 2015/16
Bringing Chemistry to Life in Common Core Chemistry Course CHEM Dr Jason CHAN eLearning 2015/16
Community heritage and food process technology project: Oral history, salt production, Hakka food tradition and experiential learning in Yimtintsai Village, Sai Kung HUMA , CBE Prof Marshal LIU, Prof S W CHEUNG Experiential Learning 2015/16
Design and Assessment for MOOC and Its Smooth Relocation to Canvas ECE Prof S H SONG eLearning 2015/16
Development and Testing of Pause and Replay Technology in Learning (PARTL) in Engineering Design MAE Prof David LAM Experiential Learning 2015/16
Development of an experiential course "Using movie to teach science" PHYS Prof C T CHAN Experiential Learning 2015/16
Development of Experiential Learning in Electric Vehicle MAE Prof C N KO, Prof David LAM Experiential Learning 2015/16
Development of Learning Materials to Support the Sustainability Education Initiative at HKUST and Related Assessment Innovation ENVR Prof David MOLE eLearning 2015/16
Engaging undergraduate students in a high-school outreach initiative in life science LIFS Prof H Y MAK Experiential Learning 2015/16
Environmental Economics and Policy Clinic ENVR Dr K L SHUM Case-based Learning 2015/16
Expansion of Experiential Learning through SIGHT Platform CBE Prof Ying CHAU Experiential Learning 2015/16
Experiential Learning in Aerospace Engineering: Development of an Interactive Online Gaming Platform to Improve Student Understanding of Aircraft Performance and Design MAE Prof Larry LI Experiential Learning 2015/16
Practical humanities: Independent filmmaking as experiential learning in film studies HUMA Prof Daisy DU Experiential Learning 2015/16
Writing across the disciplines: building self-paced online modules for senior undergraduates CLE Dr Claudia WONG eLearning 2015/16