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Design . Create . Deliver Educational Videos

Design . Create . Deliver Educational Videos
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Students learning styles and preferences are changing and HKUST is changing the way we teach our students. Our students are learning on their own and through multimedia - like videos. Today, such educational videos are designed and created by instructors like you – simply with subject knowledge, a desktop, a webcam and a good microphone.

Creating a good educational video the first time can help you save time in repeating lecture content, answering frequently asked questions and ensure consistent delivery of your content across all sections. It can also give you more flexible and creative options (outside the classroom) for covering concepts. And students benefit because they can actively learn at their own pace - pause, rewind and re-watch the lecture anytime.

How can you create educational videos for your course?

You can create educational videos with Office Mix. Office Mix is a free PowerPoint add-on, which makes it easy to learn. But as experienced educators, we know that technology and a talking head is not everything. To engage the learners, we must design the educational videos with the audience in mind. We can achieve this by including sound pedagogical and instructional design principles at the design stage.

What will this extended workshop provide?

We will provide you with an online session and a face-to-face workshop. By the end of both sessions, you will be able to:

  • create educational videos using Office Mix
  • apply instructional design elements when creating educational videos
  • experience Blended Learning instructional design principles to enhance student learning
Flexible self-study
18 Apr - 5 May 2017
In this session, we will provide you with self-study materials on the basic use of OfficeMix, instructional design resources, examples and the hands-on practice you need to get started on creating your own educational videos.
Hands-on workshop
12 May 2017
This workshop allows you to work in a group to create an educational video using OfficeMix and design principles learnt from the online session. We will share ideas, templates, checklists to show you how you can make your videos just as engaging and interactive as you are in the classroom, e.g. adding meaningful in-video questions to help students interact with the content. You will get to view video analytics to track individual students’ video engagement (or lack of) and know how they respond to your in-video questions. After reviewing analytics, you can be informed on how to modify and enhance your video.

For Faculty Members, Lecturers and Instructors Only!

Date: 12 MAY 2017 (FRI)
Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Venue: Room 6558 (Lift 27-28)
Facilitators: Ms Amy CHONG and Ms Bee DY
Instructional Designers at CEI supporting the development of Blended Learning and MOOC at HKUST
Co-organized by: Center for Education Innovation (CEI)
Materials: PowerPoint Presentation Video

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