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Teaching as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

All full-time Research Postgraduate (RPg) students will be taking teaching roles as Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) as part of the teaching training in postgraduate education. They will take on ancillary duties in teaching and research work as assigned by the Postgraduate Programs Coordinators (PGCs) and supervising faculty in their department.

Responsibilities and Duties of GTAs

Responsibilities and duties of GTAs vary across disciplines and departments, but generally involve marking and grading assignments, teaching tutorials and/or laboratory sections, answering questions/queries from students, invigilating tests/exams, and managing courses on the learning management system. While a thorough understanding of the subject area is needed for GTAs to take on the teaching challenge, they also need to possess a good standard of transferable skills in teaching, communication, management, and presentation.

GTAs at HKUST may be required to work for 36 effective hours per month on average. “Effective hours” includes both contact hours and preparation time. In the case of research-related duties, if the duties performed are directly related to the student’s thesis research or project, the 36-hour limit shall not apply. Details of the terms and conditions of Postgraduate Studentships (PGSs) regulating the rights and duties of GTAs at HKUST are accessible at the Handbook for Research Postgraduate Studies.


PDEV6800 - Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

This is a graduation required course for all new RPgs who are admitted from Academic Year 2019-20 onwards. The course is designed with highly hands-on and interactive teaching activities to build up students’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching and learning. To fulfill the course requirements, students need to complete two parts: 1) attend all five modules and pass all the assessments co-ordinated by CEI (course code: PDEV6800Z), and 2) teach one 30-min session (for RPgs in MPhil program) or two 30-min sessions (for RPgs in PhD program) as assigned by the supervising department (course code: PDEV6800A-J). The first part is a prerequisite to proceed to the second part of the course.

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GTA Briefing Session

GTA Briefing Session is offered at the beginning of every semester. This session aims to orient new RPgs with their duties, responsibilities, and other requirements needed to fulfill their roles as a GTA. All new RPgs are expected to attend this session. During the session students will also meet with their departmental Postgraduate Programs Coordinators (PGCs), Teaching Assistant Coordinators (TACs) and departmental staff.

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GTA T&L Support

CEI provides RPgs with extensive teaching and learning resources. You can watch a collection of teaching and learning videos filmed from previous workshops and events to enhance and polish your teaching skills.

RPgs encountering problems related to departmental duties can contact their corresponding Teaching Assistant Coordinators (TACs) who are the experienced GTAs of various departments working closely with CEI in support of departmental GTAs in exercising GTA duties. TACs will also work in collaboration with CEI and PGCs to provide RPg Developmental Support Program and activities for the continuous progression of GTAs.

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