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The Academy of Education Excellence (AEE)


The Academy of Education Excellence (AEE), facilitated by CEI, will be open to all faculty members at HKUST who have demonstrated a commitment to improving their teaching skills and have contributed to the development of good teaching practices at the university.

Faculty members with evidence of an excellent teaching track record can apply to become a Junior Fellow, Fellow, or Senior Fellow of the AEE. Applications for AEE membership will be reviewed by a committee, and decisions will be based on the qualifications, scholarship, and teaching record, as well as other relevant factors of the applicant.

Why establish the AEE?

Professional Development

Enhance your teaching skills through tailored opportunities


Earn and promote teaching awards and institutional acknowledgment

Community Building

Exchange ideas and best practices in regular meetings and workshops

Pedagogical Innovation

Work with CEI to develop effective teaching strategies


Provide guidance in the Undergraduate Teaching Opportunities Program (UTOP)

How does the AEE enhance your professional growth?

  • Gain more structured support for teaching and learning
  • Benefit from strategic faculty development training
  • Opt for a specific pathway to develop your teaching
  • Discover new reasons and rewards for growing as an educator
Scholarly Activity
  • Contribute to pedagogical research through scholarly activities


What are the key benefits of becoming an AEE Fellow?

•  Reflect on and enhance your teaching practice
•  Receive recognition for your contributions to teaching and learning at HKUST
•  Opt for a specific pathway to develop your teaching
•  Document your development as a higher education educator
•  Display your commitment to professional teaching in higher education

More information on the AEE Fellowship Scheme