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Online Course on Integrated Education for Special Educational Needs – Earn Micro-Credentials and Advance Your Teaching Skills

Online Course on Integrated Education for SEN

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new self-study online course on Integrated Education, with a specific focus on Special Educational Needs (SEN). This first course – Integrated Education and Related Ordinances in Hong Kong – kicks off an exciting series of three courses that will enhance your knowledge and understanding when working with students who have SEN.

The series is a collaborative effort between the Dean of Students Office at HKUST and the Hong Kong Baptist University. The second and third courses will dive deeper into understanding the different types of SEN, exploring academic adjustments to meet these needs, and designing an inclusive campus. Look out for these courses coming your way next year!

SEN-001 | Integrated Education and Related Ordinances in Hong Kong

Acquire the knowledge and strategies necessary to foster inclusivity and create an inclusive learning environment under Hong Kong Education and Ordinances. Topics covered include equal opportunities, disability discrimination, integrated education, reasonable accommodation, individualized support, disclosure of disabilities, and disability etiquette.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a micro-credential in the form of an online badge. The badge will be issued by the Academy of Education Excellence (AEE) at HKUST. The AEE is a fellowship scheme currently under development to foster teaching excellence at HKUST. Earning AEE micro-credentials will be a key component for faculty members to become AEE Fellows once the program is fully functional. More information on the AEE fellowship scheme will be announced by CEI at a later date.

We would also like to remind you that there is a series of Generative AI and Education online courses available to enhance your teaching skills and keep you ahead in the Generative AI era. Completing these courses will enable you to earn badges for the AEE scheme as well.

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So, don't miss these fantastic opportunities to advance your teaching skills, earn micro-credentials, and become part of the Academy of Education Excellence at HKUST. Let's make education inclusive and extraordinary for all!

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