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Generative AI for Leaders - Free MOOC for HKUST Members

Generative AI for Leaders - Free MOOC for HKUST Members

ChatGPT has been available for over a year now, and many of you have likely experienced the benefits of this powerful tool in various tasks. To further expand your knowledge and proficiency in this field, we introduce you to a new learning opportunity.

We are pleased to announce that Vanderbilt University has released a new MOOC on Generative AI for Leaders. As HKUST members, you have exclusive access to this course for free through the Coursera Partner Consortium Program.

This 3-week short course unlocks the transformative potential of Generative AI, enabling you to perceive Generative AI as a collaborative thought partner, harness its capabilities, and amplify your intelligence.

The instructor covers prompt engineering techniques, such as leveraging the technology to act as a persona for customized advice or employing in-context learning to enable the technology to adapt to your requirements on the fly.

The course also features real-life examples presented by a CEO. The CEO states that Generative AI is the first technology that truly gives leaders more time to contemplate and lead. In the course, the CEO will guide you in applying these techniques to a range of real-life tasks, ranging from crafting transition plans to developing job descriptions.

Finally, the instructor utilizes his own framework, integrating various techniques, and demonstrates how one can achieve augmented intelligence by planning a workshop in a real-life scenario.

As mentioned, this course emphasizes the transformative potential of Generative AI. So, don't limit yourself to just the provided scenarios or examples. The key lies in applying the concepts and techniques you have learned to revolutionize your own work. Enroll now and take a step toward a more productive and efficient future.

Happy learning!

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