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Lessons Learnt from Mixed-Mode Teaching

Lessons Learnt from Mixed-Mode Teaching
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The arrival of pandemic and the subsequent social distancing measures have inevitably transformed the landscape of teaching and learning – most of the on-campus teaching have  to adopt online or mixed-mode teaching approaches. We understand many faculty and teaching staff are striving to ensure the students’ learning continues during this challenging time.

In light of this, we have invited several faculty from various schools to share their tips in facilitating students’ learning in mixed-mode classes. In particular, they will share how to engage both virtual and physical students simultaneously, ideas of transforming assessment tasks for mixed-mode teaching classes, and what role TA plays to facilitate students learning.

To ensure the seminar is more targeted to your needs, we encourage participants to SEND US briefly your ideas on the following:

  • 1-2 tips you found useful in engaging students in mixed-mode teaching; and
  • 1-2 challenges that remain and you would like to hear from colleagues who have found out ways to address these to some extent.

Please come and join us to explore how you may maximize students learning in your mixed-mode teaching classes!


Prof MAK Ho Yi is an Associate Professor of Life Science. Since joining the HKUST, he has devised and taught a full range of lecture, laboratory and experiential-learning courses. He has a strong interest in enhancing the research and teaching experience of undergraduate students.

Prof Tom Cheung is the S H Ho Associate Professor of Life Science. He has devised and taught a full range of lecture, workshop, and experimental learning courses. He is a strong supporter of promoting early research experience for undergraduate students.

Prof Leung Wa Hung is a Professor of Chemistry. He has been involved in the teaching of inorganic chemistry. In this seminar, he will share his experience on assessment and using iPRS in a mixed mode teaching class.

Prof Lu Zhong Ming is an assistant professor in the Division of Environment and Sustainability, the Interdisciplinary Program Office. Dr. Lu’s research areas include sustainable urban system, integrated assessment methods, and planning for emerging technologies. Dr. Lu teaches sustainability-related interdisciplinary courses including Introduce to Sustainability (UG Common Core), Fundamentals of Sustainability Science and Technology (MSc), and Sustainability Research and Practices (MPhil/PhD).
Prof Chen Szu-fan is an Assistant Professor of Accounting. She has experience in using mixed-mode teaching in large class and is currently teaching a required course ACCT 2010 Principles of Accounting I. In this seminar, she will share tips for facilitating students learning in large mixed- mode class and designing group work for in-class activitie

All Faculty and Teaching Staff are welcome

Date: 27 NOV 2020 (FRI)
Time: 12:30 - 14:00
Venue: Onlive via Zoom
Organized by: Center for Education Innovation (CEI)
Materials: PowerPoint Presentation Video

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