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Through collaboration with Schools, Departments and Centers, to be an expert resource and an advocate of evidence-based, active learning, teaching and curriculum approaches that engage whole person development for a technology-rich 21st century environment.



CEI supports the University's mission of advancing learning and knowledge by:

  • Building the capacity of teaching staff to implement the major strands of the university's teaching and learning strategy, namely active learning and eLearning
  • Supporting the professional development of faculty members, instructors and graduate teaching assistants to continually improve their teaching to positively impact student learning through innovative programs and courses and to meet their career goals
  • Using research-based data to inform continuous quality improvement in learning, teaching and curriculum development

Key Goals

Through collaboration with Schools, Departments and Centers, CEI will be, and be seen as, an expert resource and advocate for the:

  • teaching development of faculty and research postgraduates in their academic careers
  • promotion and adoption of active learning pedagogies, including experiential and blended-learning
  • promotion and use of technologies to support and strengthen these pedagogies
  • development of curriculum that fosters systematic progression in student achievement towards HKUST's graduate attributes and program intended learning outcomes