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University Teaching and Learning (UTL) Program


The University Teaching and Learning (UTL) Program is a mandatory initiative for all new Assistant Professors and Lecturers with teaching duties at the University. This program is designed to equip early career faculty with essential skills in university teaching and learning and is offered as part of the Academy of Education Excellence's (AEE) micro-credentials.

The UTL Program focuses on key areas such as learning theories, course design, assessment and feedback strategies, student engagement, and effective facilitation of group work. By participating in this program, participants will gain a solid foundation in these areas to provide a quality learning experience for the students.

Program Structure


The UTL Program is comprised of a series of online courses followed by an optional in-person workshop, each designed to enhance your teaching effectiveness and deepen your understanding of student-centered learning:


Begin your journey with our five-course online series, each focused on a key aspect of university teaching:

  • UTL-001 | Outcome-Based Education: A Learner-Centered Course Design Framework
  • UTL-002 | Learning Science: Theories, Principles, and Practices
  • UTL-003 | Learning Outcomes: Measurable, Observable, and Achievable
  • UTL-004 | Learning Assessment: Summative, Formative, and Feedback
  • UTL-005 | Learning Activities: Facilitate, Motivate, and Engage


Upon completion of each course, you will earn a course-specific badge. Collecting all five badges awards you the Proficiency Badge, marking your fulfilment of the mandatory initiative for teaching duties at the University.


For those who wish to further enhance their skills, we offer the “Learner-Centered Course Design” workshop, held at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. This face-to-face session allows you to apply the concepts learned online in a collaborative, hands-on environment, earning you the Learner-Centered Course Design Badge.


The ultimate recognition of your dedication and expertise, the AEE UTL Master Badge, is awarded upon the successful completion of both the online courses (signified by the Proficiency Badge) and the in-person workshop. This badge  recognizes educators who are exceptionally well-versed in outcome-based education, learning theories, crafting meaningful outcomes and assessments, and designing active learning experiences.


Get Started

Embark on your path to becoming a master educator today by enrolling in the UTL Program. Together, we can achieve excellence in teaching and learning at our university.