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HKUST Joins DEC for AI and Higher Education Innovation

HKUST Joins DEC for AI and Higher Education Innovation

We are proud to announce that HKUST is a founding member of the Digital Education Council (DEC), a global alliance initiated by over a dozen high-profile universities from around the world with a shared vision to drive sustainable innovation and AI adoption in higher education and workforce development.

DEC’s founding members

As a founding member, HKUST will have access to DEC Executive Briefings, a monthly guide to global trends in higher education and the future of work and skills. These briefings provide valuable insights into technological advancements, new pedagogical models, and startup innovations. You can access DEC Executive Briefings here.

We are also very happy to share the registration link to the 3rd DEC Executive Briefing taking place on 27 March. Please use your HKUST email account when registering. Here's what you can expect from the briefing:

One of the most consequential yet unexamined developments in higher education is the evolution of what future-readiness means for both institutions and students. In this Executive Briefing, the panellists will evaluate the impact of AI and changes in the workplace on student employability, delving into the key changes that the higher education industry is expected to undertake as a result.

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