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Community For Enhancing Intercultural Learning Experiences - Drop-in meeting 2023

Community For Enhancing Intercultural Learning Experiences - Drop-in meeting 2023
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Members of this Community and the wider University community are invited to drop in to touch base and discuss the activities of this group.

This Community has been in existence since September 2020. The Community’s mission is: To contribute to and innovate existing structures in order to foster understanding and inclusiveness and enhance students’ intercultural learning experiences.

These are specific objectives that the Community has been working towards:

  1. Create forums for people to listen to each other: facilitate conversations and perspective-taking;
  2. Promote awareness (of your own and other cultures) and understanding and development of intercultural competence (a capacity to interact across difference);
  3. Integrate these ideas in teaching and learning contexts;
  4. Promote learning beyond the classroom, through cultural and other events;
  5. Promote a diversity mindset in administrative functions as well as student groups/societies;

Despite the circumstances of the last few years, the Community has held a number of events, including a 3-part training session for staff and a 2-week film festival.

We would like to share with you about these events and discuss proposed future ones.

We are keen to explore Objective #3 more fully in the coming semester, and focus on what we might do in our classrooms as well as the wider University environment to enhance the intercultural learning experiences and competence of both PG and UG students at HKUST, and work towards achievement of the University’s strategic objective to be a champion of diversity.

We are keen to recruit new members and support existing ones, building on work already done.

Please join us!
Light refreshments will be served.

Date:17 FEB 2023 (FRI)
Time:16:00 – 17:30
Venue:Room 3019 (lift 2)

For enquiries, please contact Ms Melissa MEGAN at or Dr Beatrice Chu at

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