Models & Examples

Models and learning activities to promote active on-line learning

Four Instructional Models

At UST, we find faculty adopt different degrees of integrating traditional teaching mode with on-line learning and teaching in their courses. As a result, we have identified four types of instructional models that are progressive in nature i.e. the higher the model, the more elements of OLT are applied in the learning experience.




Basic supplements

  • On-line information supplements to face-to-face learning.

  • Supplements used to aid course management tasks and course related information dissemination

  • Platform to promote e-communication among students and between teaching staff and class.


Mixed mode

  • On-line learning activities / contents supplements to face-to-face learning.

  • Activities / contents such as on-line exercises, pre-test and post-tests, lecture notes, interactive demonstrations, etc. to promote higher order learning before and after lecture / tutorials.


On-line learning with supplementary meetings

  • Face-to-face activities used to supplement mostly on-line learning.

  • Activities such as group discussions, case studies, final assessments, etc. are conducted in person to take advantage of face-to-face communication.


Complete on-line learning

  • All course contents and activities are delivered on-line.

  • Students' learning experience will be totally on-line.

  • Basic infrastructure of academic support is also offered on-line.