UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching & Learning Related Proposals (2016 – 2019)

With the success of Scheme in the last triennium, the UGC has launched another round of Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals in the 2016 - 2019 triennium. The objective of the Funding Scheme is to incentivise universities in exploring and developing further in the sector-wide strategic areas of teaching and learning, language enhancement and internationalisation.


Strategic Theme and Funding Cap

Strategic Theme Total Allocation
(HK$ million)
Funding cap per project*
(HK$ million)
(a) Innovation 70 1 university: 2.5
2 – 3 universities: 10
≥ 4 universities: 15
(b) Enhancement of Student Learning Experience 70 1 university: 2.5
2 – 3 universities: 10
≥ 4 universities: 15
(c) Enhancement of Internationalisation and Engagement with Mainland China 25
1 university: 1
2 – 3 universities: 4
≥ 4 universities: 7
(d) Language Enhancement 35 1 university: 1.5
2 – 3 universities: 5
≥ 4 universities: 8
Total: 200  
* Only UGC-funded universities will be counted for the purpose of determining the funding caps

Funding Criteria

Interested staff can refer to the Guidance Notes on Funding Scheme for details and discuss your project ideas with colleagues and department head.

Guidance Notes on Funding Scheme: UGCFund_2016-19_Guidance Notes.pdf

HKUST Internal Coordination and Proposal Timeline

Action Timeline
Call for Proposal Late August 2016
Brief Summary Submission 7 October 2016
HKUST’s Deadline for Full Proposal 4 November 2016
Internal Coordination (Approx. 3 weeks) November 2016
Feedback Return to Project Team Late November 2016
Final Proposal to the University 20 December 2016
Official Submissions to UGC 30 December 2016






Internal Brief Summary (due by 7 October 2016)

To facilitate coordination within the University and preparation of the full proposal, interested colleagues need to submit a brief summary of the project to Nick Noakes, CEI ( by 7 October 2016.

Please note: This form needs to be provided irrespective of whether HKUST is the lead institution of the project.

Brief Summary template: UGCFund_2016-19_HKUST_Brief Summary.docx

Full Proposal (due by 4 November 2016)

The full proposal should be prepared in accordance to Appendix A of the Guidance Notes. The proposal is no more than 15 pages (excluding attachments) and prepared using the “Times New Roman” font, size 12. Please read the Guidance Notes carefully before completing the proposal.

Full Proposal template: UGCFund_2016-19_Full Proposal.docx

Submit the proposal to Prof. Roger Cheng, AP (T&L) ( by 4 November 2016.


Please contact Prof. Roger Cheng, AP (T&L) ( or Nick Noakes, CEI (