Problem-based Learning

How to Prepare for Problem-Based Learning in your Teaching?

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is about solving real-world problems in a structured way. The emphasis of PBL is to construct knowledge, not merely to receive knowledge, therefore the teacher's role changes from knowledge provider to guide and learning facilitator and student's role changes from knowledge receiver to the active researcher. Even though this learning process does pose a challenge to undergraduate education, the process actually fosters active learning and critical thinking.

This overview introduces PBL in a nutshell to assist instructors in the planning and implementation of PBL in teaching.

The overview is a narrated slide show, which provides background information on PBL and its rationale; different models for its implementation into a course or curriculum; expectations which it places on learners, teachers, and administrators; examples of problems drawn from a range of disciplines; and general procedures to plan, implement and assess the outcomes of Problem-Based Learning.