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Disciplinary Resources for SENG

[IELM] aluMATTER: Case Studies

The aluMATTER Case Studies are "on-line exercises highlighting some typical aluminium applications or processes." These case studies are designed to help readers "better understand the strong links between materials science, technology and applications." The topics for the case studies include Overhead Cables, Electromagnetic Shielding and more.

[IELM] Virtual Design Museum

Developed by the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design, it displays on-line images and information on industrial design objects and famous designers. In this museum, readers can get information on "Famous Designers", "Famous Companies", "New Acquisitions and Donations", "3D Object Movies", "Brochures" etc. For examples, you will be able to get the biography works of famous designers like Mario Bellini, Rodulfo Bonetto and Achille Castiglioni if you click "Famous Designers".

[IELM] Technical Resources by the Institute of Industrial Engineers

This is the resource section of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)'s site. IIE is the world's largest professional society dedicated solely to the support of the industrial engineering profession and individuals involved with improving quality and productivity. In this section, you will find features like "Webcasts", in which you can register for upcoming Webcasts and view archived Webcasts on-demand in a growing variety of topics.

[ECE] Electronic Tutorials

"This site offers free tutorials about amplifiers, oscillators, ham radio, filters, power supply, transmitters, receivers, and radio and electronics design as well as basic electronics. There is also a free monthly newsletter, a collection of downloadable programs, a list of recommended books, and links to an electronics questions and answers newsgroup. It is produced by Ian Purdie, a licensed radio amateur and former college instructor."

[ECE] Internet Electrical Engineer

This is a free teach yourself tutorial on the Web, "teaching Internet information skills for electrical, electronic and communications engineering. The tutorial aims to teach users how to use the Internet to help with coursework, literature searching, teaching, or research. The tutorial highlights the key Internet sites for electrical, electronic and communications engineers and includes quizzes, examples, and case studies."

[ECE] IEEE Xplore

Managed by The IHS University Resource Centre, this site delivers full text access to technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. Extensive lists of Journals and Magazines, Conference proceedings, Standards and Books can be found under "Browse". Another relevant feature that the site contains is the "IEEE Peer Review". In order to "provide highly relevant technical information", a "rigorous peer review process" is implemented. Clicking into "IEEE Peer Review" will lead you to more information about the review process.

[ECE] E-Learning Index: School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the University of Nottingham

This website contains E-Learning support for some of the modules at the department. Animations and steps are used to explain topics such as "Phasors and Time Domain Representation", "Rotating Vector and Rotating Field", "Simple circuits (Ohm's Law, Series & Parallel Resistors)" and "Kirchhoff's Laws".

[CSE] The Computer Technology Documentation Project

This site offers a series of tutorials and resources, covering a range of topics from basic computing to networking, security, and programming. The site also contains the online version of the four volumes of Agustin Velasco's Linus Series.

[CSE] History of Computers

This site provides pan abundance of information about the history of computers. It is divided into 2 parts. They "are a compiled directory of computer history links for students and researchers" by alphabetical order. Examples include Early History of the Personal Computer by Thayer Watkins at San Jose State University, Looking Back on Nearly Three Decades of Personal Computing by Forrest M. Mims III, How the Altair Began by Stan Veit, the Computer Editor of Popular Electronics Magazine.

[CSE] MIT iCampus Robot World

Robot World is a suite of software tools and curriculum materials that systematize on-line support for engineering design project courses. On this site, you can download tools for machine design, course management and collaboration; learn about the project based design learning philosophy and assessment results. You can also get "How and Why Machines Work" and "Design and Manufacturing" curriculum material via MIT OpenCourseWare.