2021 Teaching & Learning Symposium

About the Symposium

In recent decades, technological advancement paved the way to the industrial revolution 4.0, which will significantly reshape the landscape of work and essential work skills needed in the future. In tomorrow’s complex, ambiguous, and agile world, learning needs to be interdisciplinary, personalized, human-centered, and be seen as a lifelong endeavour for individuals at every stage of their career. Can the traditional higher education model provide the necessary learning experience to prepare graduates for the changing and unprecedented world?

Throughout this Symposium, scholars, educators, practitioners, and students will look into the essential components of higher education pedagogies and curricula that may bring about a new future-fit model of higher education. This Symposium not only sheds some light on the perspectives from institutional leaders and students but also idea pitches on how they joined together to co-create new learning and teaching models. We will be envisioning the future of education, unveiling some emerging and innovative practices, and enabling a co-creation journey together.

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