TPG Exit survey


In HKUST, all TPG programs are required to carry out an exit survey.  Most programs collect feedback from their graduates using the standard TPG exit survey questionnaire (see attached below) or a revised version of it to meet program goals.  About one fifth of the programs conduct their own exit survey using their own questionnaire. 

The standard questionnaire has 11 questions, which collects students’ feedback on various aspects of their TPG programs, such as program quality and support.

Process and Timeline

Data collection is done online.  Students with confirmed graduation status are invited by email to complete the exit survey.  As there are students graduating at various times of the year, usually three rounds of data collection will be held, in fall, spring and summer respectively.

The response rate is often quite high, around 70%.  At the close of one round of data collection, tables of results of the survey will be made available to schools, departments and TPG program directors through the T&L Data Warehouse.

TPG Exit Survey (Standard Questionnaire)