Student Engagement and Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey (SESQ)


Since 2007, an exit survey entitled Student Engagement and Satisfaction Questionnaire (SESQ) has been in place to collect feedback from all graduating UG students in April of each year.  In its development, consultation was made with the relevant stakeholders which included the School representatives and support units.   Efforts were also made to review the relevant research literature, in particular overseas studies on student engagement (e.g. NSSE), and conduct an analysis of the past five years of SESQ data with the aim of identifying its strengths and weaknesses.  The instrument was then drafted, tested and revised.

SESQ is now in its second edition which was launched in 2013 spring. SESQ 2.0 is similar to its predecessor in its overall structure with a core component and a yearly special focus, but they are quite different inside.  The core component which will be used every year has the following five sections, namely

  • Academic experience – engagement and satisfaction in academic activities focusing in particular on higher order and active learning.
  • Other learning experiences – engagement and satisfaction in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • Relationship between teaching staff and peers
  • Personal life
  • Overall evaluation of UG experience

With the exception of the KPI questions which assess students’ levels of satisfaction in different aspects of their UG experience, many of the questions in the new version were revised.  Some new questions were also added, including ones that assess students’ attainment of school specific intended learning outcomes.  


Process and Timeline

Preparation for the exit survey usually begins in December.  The process mainly involves the writing of new questions for the special focus of the year.  Data collection begins in April and ends in June.  The response rate is about 50%. 

At the close of the survey, the data are downloaded and processed.  Tables of results will be prepared and made available to schools, departments and support units in around Sept-October to tie in with their annual reporting exercise through the AQUS T&L Data Warehouse.


SESQ 2.0 (Core Questionnaire)