First Year Experience Survey (FYES)

FYES is administered to UG students at the end of their first year.  The questionnaire aims to collect feedback from students about various aspects of their first year experiences.  Completion of this survey is made part of the course requirement of HLTH 1010, which is a compulsory course for all new UG intakes.  As a result, the response rate of this survey is usually near 100%.

FYES has core and optional questions.

Core set

  • academic experience,
  • other learning experience,
  • relationship with teaching staff and peers, and
  • overall evaluation


  • Academic advising
  • Common core courses
  • Campus life (out-of-class activities, adaptation to university life)
  • Adaptation to studying abroad (For non-local students only)
  • Learning approaches
  • Academic and social adaptation

The questions in the core set are administered to first year students every year. This same set of questions are also given to final year UG students through the SESQ survey.  This provides a way for the university to make cross year comparison.  For the optional set, not all of the questions are included in the FYES every year.  

As the total number of questions is rather large, students are only asked to respond to a subset of the questions.