GTA T & L Support

As a complement to the training workshops provided by the Graduate Training Program, Center for Education Innovation (CEI) also provides support and some online teaching resources to help Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) in carrying out teaching duties.

Here new and current GTAs can find some handy teaching resources that foster the enhancement of teaching and learning.

Classroom Observation

Center for Education Innovation (CEI) provides opportunities for GTAs who are keen on further developing teaching skills to sign up for classroom observation. This experience also serves as a professional development opportunity for GTAs who would like to pursue a career in academia, because the participants can work with the consultants to understand more about their own teaching style and come up with plans for future improvement.

Intercultural Teaching Competence Workshop Series

Center for Education Innovation (CEI) has invited two guest facilitators, Dr Nanda Dimitrov and Ms Aisha Haque, from Western University to give two workshops specifically for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) on how to facilitate learning in an interculturally-diverse classroom and how to present research to diverse audience. All GTAs were welcome for registration.

Useful GTA Videos

CEI has produced a collection of teaching and learning videos to suit the various needs of GTAs in different departments. To understand more about the GTA duties and polish your teaching skills, please go to the links and watch the videos