Pre-recorded video lectures to supplement Zoom teaching

Allows students to learn at their own time and pace without the instructor present. Instructors can create online class discussions to expand the topic and can check understanding with Canvas quiz.

PowerPoint lecture recording (recommended option for quick mastery)

  • Usage: Take your existing PowerPoint slides and turn them into a video lecture
  • Features: PowerPoint allows you to add video, narration, animation, annotations, screen recording, script and export as video to Canvas
  • Requirements: Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or Microsoft Office 365 and a microphone (built-in or external)
  • Guides: Recording a lecture video using PowerPoint | Video Tutorial

Lecture recording using

  • Usage: In addition to live lectures, Zoom can also be used for pre-recorded lectures. You can show your slides/screen, annotate the screen and show talking head to elaborate concepts highlighted.

  • Features: Allows you to toggle between or combine all the functions in one screen when appropriate (PowerPoint share, screen share, annotations and video of talking head). Zoom automatically saves recording to cloud or computer and allows you to share the video link via Canvas or email. Recording links are not permanent, please also download a back-up to your computer.

  • Requirements: Access from, a microphone and webcam (optional).

  • Guides: Quick Start Guide: Using Zoom for Pre-recorded Lectures


Note: Uploading a video file of over 500mb to Canvas
For a file of 500mb or less, you can simply upload it to a Canvas page using "Upload Media" in the Rich Content Editor. If you have a video file of more than 500mb, click here for the step-by-step guide provided by ITSC on how to upload it to "Files" and then insert into "Module".