Paper-based assignments with plagiarism checking via Canvas

Canvas Assignment allows online submissions of paper-based assignments as an individual or as a group assignment. Feedback on the submission and grades can be managed, released and viewed within Canvas. If the instructor would like the submission to be checked for plagiarism or degree of similarity, the assignment can be linked to Turnitin.

Usage: Instructors who would like to assign papers, projects or groupwork as homework or to replace a final exam can use Canvas to accept online submissions, check for plagiarism, give feedback on the submissions and assign a grade. A written final exam is also possible by setting a specified time for all students to start and end at the same time. To check submissions for plagiarism, enable the Turnitin option in the assignment settings.

Features: Accepts MS-Word, PowerPoint, PDF and a range of other file types. With Turnitin, submissions can be checked for plagiarism against pool of internal HKUST submissions and a wide range of external sources (web, news, scholarly journals, e-books, etc). Turnitin can check for plagiarism in the form of text only, not images or graphs. More advanced assignment features include feedback, using rubrics for feedback and allowing Peer Review.

Guide: More information about Turnitin checking in Canvas (3.10 - 3.13) | More information about Canvas Plagiarism Framework guides for Teachers