Zoom feature updates for Teaching and Learning

Wednesday, 11 November, 2020 (All day)

Here is a quick update on the new Zoom features since the start of the Fall semester. Besides the automatic passcodes that have been added in August, below are additional features you might find useful for your online teaching.

To see the features, please make sure your Zoom desktop client is updated to the latest version.

Zoom Client configuration

  • Improved background noise suppression
    Enable the background noise suppression to Low, Medium, High, or Automatic background noise suppression.
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  • Adjust video for low lighting
    Adjust the brightness of the video automatically or manually in Zoom Client > Video settings. This feature is useful in low-light environments.

Security enhancement

  • Encrypted meetings
    An updated encryption methodology is enforced in Zoom client v.5.0.0 or above. (Refer to this document, Oct 2020)

In-Meeting features

  • Multi-Pin and Multiple Spotlights
    Allow instructors to pin multiple videos to stay on the main gallery view and spotlight multiple participants’ videos. This may be useful for group presentations or guest speakers.
  • Custom Gallery View
    Allow instructors/participants to drag and drop participants’ videos for customized gallery view and instructor can deploy their custom view to all participants.

Enhancement for recordings

  • Audio transcription for cloud recordings (Activated Oct 2020)
    After the cloud recording is processed, Zoom automatically transcribes the recording shortly after. The host can easily edit the subtitles, download them or turn off the "Viewers can see transcript” in your Cloud Recording > Share options at hkust.zoom.us.

Breakout Rooms

  • Self-Select Breakout rooms
    Students will have the ability to select a Breakout Room and move between rooms (Requires Client Update 5.3.0 or above). This may be useful for setting up topic-based discussions that allow students the flexibility to move from one topic to the next.
  • Pre-assigned Improvement
    Pre-assigned students can now join rooms automatically after breakouts rooms are in progress.

We will continue to keep you posted on Zoom updates related to teaching and learning. Please contact canvas@ust.hk if you have any questions related to these updates.

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