Release of individual results for Pilot Study on Generic Skills (Summer 2013)

Tuesday, 22 October, 2013 (All day)

In Summer 2013, CELT organized a Pilot Study on Generic Skills to evaluate the effectiveness of a few instruments which were designed to access creativity, teamwork capability and intercultural competence of students. Near 300 students joined the pilot study. During the study, they were invited to attend a two hour session and complete the following tasks under proctor’s supervision:

  1. Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking
  2. Intercultural Sensitivity Scale
  3. Global Perspective Inventory
  4. General Teamwork Skills
  5. Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness

Individual results of these instruments are already emailed to participants. To help participants interpret their individual scores and provide more information about these instruments, participants are encouraged to read the “Study on Generic Skills (Summer 2013) – Interpretation Guide for Individual Results” .

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