Enhance online group collaboration using MS Teams!

Thursday, 13 August, 2020 (All day)

MS Teams, a MS Office 365 integration, is a communication and productivity platform available for the HKUST community. It helps enhance productivity and engagement for teamwork in courses. MS Teams’ strength is its all-in-one portal that makes managing group work easier. Using your HKUST MS Office 365 account and just a few clicks, MS Teams can help you manage collaboration work, view all live and on-going discussions on them and monitor all groups’ progress.

What’s the difference between Zoom and MS Teams?

Below is a quick comparison between the two.

  Zoom MS Teams
Online teaching features
Screen sharing
Breakout rooms
Distributing files via chat
Whiteboard (for annotation)
Managing students in the class
Managing students' audio
Managing students' video
Verifying identity in the waiting room
Adding virtual background
Non-verbal responses
Administrative related features
Managing existing meetings
Creating recurring meetings
Sharing recordings to students
Generating participant reports
Maximum number of users in a meeting 300 250
  Zoom MS Teams
Purpose: Online teaching and learning Online collaboration for small groups
Verdict: We recommend Zoom more for live online teaching and learning, while MS Teams can be used for student groups to collaborate on projects for a small class or for research groups. They are similar in terms of interactive video conferencing but Zoom provides instructors with much greater control of the online class compared to MS Teams. MS Teams work better for small classes with heavy collaboration components that involve projects (including FYP/Capstone/UROP); presentations; collaborative writing; consultations; research and seminars.

Here are some resources to help you explore MS Teams' collaborative features and functions:

If you would like to further explore MS Teams for your teaching purpose, please email canvas@ust.hk to set up a consultation session.