Education Conference Funding Scheme

The Center for Education Innovation (CEI) has set up a funding scheme to support teaching staff’s education conference attendance and presentation on teaching and learning.

The Education Conference Funding Scheme (ECFS) aims to encourage teaching staff to develop their expertise in teaching. It is hoped that by attending an education conference, in particular presenting and publishing the outcomes and findings of their program/course, this scheme will help to raise the overall quality of teaching and learning at HKUST, promote research into evidence-based teaching and encourage more colleagues to adopt a scholarly approach to their teaching.

1. Eligibility for application

All full-time teaching staff, at any rank (e.g. professor, lecturer etc.), who are teaching undergraduate courses are eligible.

2. Funding coverage

The funding includes the transportation costs, hotel accommodation fee and conference registration fee. The actual amount given will be on a case-by-case basis. If departments can provide part of the funding, then this can help to strengthen the application.

  • Transportation costs
    The transportation costs can only be used to subsidize travel expenses (based on actual expenses). The applicant is supposed to arrive in the location of the related activity one day beforehand and to leave the location one day after the date of the related activity. If the applicant wishes to travel beyond that period (e.g. a personal trip), they must get the airfare quotations from the same airline for the desired travel dates and the entitled travel dates (i.e. the transportation fare of an approved research-related activity itinerary) and attach such quotations when making the reimbursement claim. The applicant will be reimbursed at whichever cost is lower.
  • Hotel accommodation fee
    If the applicant attends an international conference and needs accommodation, this grant will reimburse for the hotel accommodation where the conference is held.
  • Conference registration fee
    The conference registration fee will be covered.   

3. Leave arrangement

The university has issued guidelines and regulations on special leave for academic staff undertaking university-related or other approved activities. Staff may apply online via the leave application system and attach the leave approval email afterwards. For special leave details, please refer to the staff manual. (

4. Reporting requirements and other obligations

After the conference, the fund recipient is required to share key ideas that could be adapted to our context with the wider HKUST community through CEI’s seminars and/or good teaching practice documents.  

5. Application

Your application should include the following items:

The application is open all year-round, please send your application to Phoebe Mok (x 6297, or Nick Noakes (x 6809,

6. Enquiry

For enquiries about the application procedures, please contact Phoebe Mok (x6297,