Coursera for HKUST – From the simple laws of nature to the emergent complexity

Physics is NOT just describing phenomena
but also telling you HOW they relate to each other.

As Elon Musk says, “Physics teaches you to reason from first principles rather than by analogy". Modern physics is an ideal arena for training our minds with the first principle thinking.

Join Prof Wang Yi from the Department of Physics to explore all aspects of Physics through his MOOC series – including the latest part on Simplicity and Complexity.

Put on your Physics cap and sign up for the Physics MOOCs below.

Understanding Modern Physics I: Relativity and Cosmology
  • Is my time different from yours?
  • How space and time unify?
  • Is gravity an illusion?
  • What is the origin of matter?
Understanding Modern Physics II: Quantum Mechanics and Atoms
  • What is quantum matter?
  • Why quantum computers?
  • Is Schrodinger’s cat dead?
  • Are there parallel universes?
Understanding Modern Physics III: Simplicity and Complexity
  • Is there a framework to describe everything?
  • What is the reason of energy conservation?
  • What is string theory?
  • How does complexity emerge from simplicity?

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