HKUST x Minerva Scholars Program 2018-21

The HKUST-Minerva Scholars Program ran from the fall term in 2018 to the end of the spring term in 2021. It offered a unique learning opportunity for HKUST undergraduate students, which was made possible under a partnership between HKUST and the Minerva Schools at KGI. This program was open to incoming freshmen, allowing the first cohort to take Minerva’s Cornerstone Courses and the second cohort to take Minerva's Collegiate Accelerator Courses (please see the the program details for each cohort linked below). These HKUST-Minerva courses were highly interactive and discussion-based. The Program was run during the first two years of HKUST students' undergraduate degree and taught by HKUST professors trained by Minerva in their pedagogic method using their online platform. This program targeted academically inquisitive students who were eager to take the initiative with their own learning. From fall 2020, Minerva has been collaborating with HKUST to redevelop it's Common Core Program.

2018-19 Cohort

2019-20 Cohort