Useful GTA Videos

CEI has produced a collection of teaching and learning videos to suit the various needs of GTAs in different departments. To understand more about the GTA duties and polish your teaching skills, please go to the links and watch the videos


Handling Difficult Situations

As a TA, you may face some challenges when conducting tutorials, such as students complaining tutorial contents not covered in the examination, or requiring you to use Cantonese in tutorial, etc. This video provides some possible solutions for TAs to deal with these challenges.


Strategies to overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a bad habit of delaying doing something which affects ones’ learning and working performance. This video provides some useful strategies for TAs to eliminate procrastination.


Speed Reading

A research finding revealed that an average adult’s reading speed remains the same as their reading speed in primary school.  How can we improve our reading speed? This video aims to show you how to read faster by correcting some common ‘bad reading habits’. In addition, some speed reading exercise are provided.