Intercultural Teaching Competence Workshop Series

Center for Education Innovation (CEI) has invited two guest facilitators, Dr Nanda Dimitrov and Ms Aisha Haque, from Western University to give two workshops specifically for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) on how to facilitate learning in an interculturally-diverse classroom and how to present research to diverse audience. All GTAs were welcome for registration.

Workshop 1: Facilitating Learning in the Intercultural Classroom

Nanda and Aisha led experiential activities and shared examples to demonstrate strategies effective in facilitating learning in a diverse classroom. In the workshops, students

  1. identified the effects of assumptions on GTA-student relationship and the implication for teaching;
  2. explored facilitation strategies for students with diverse communication styles;
  3. identified differences in giving feedback across cultures; and,
  4. designed activities that promote interaction among students

Workshop Materials:


Workshop 2: Presenting your Research to Diverse Audience

Aisha guided GTAs through the analysis of some contestants’ performance in the 3-minute speech competition to identify what makes an effective presentation to diverse audience. In the workshop, students

  1. identified differences between presenting for disciplinary vs inter-disciplinary audiences;
  2. analyzed skills through sample presentations to prepare and organize speeches for interdisciplinary audiences; and,
  3. applied strategies to present their own research ideas.

Workshop Materials: